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We, SASG UV Solutions, Subsidiary of Dizario Industries are well-known organization affianced in Manufacturer and Supplier of Led UV Sysytem, UV Interdeck System, Anilox Coating Attachment, Roller Coater Machine, Screen Printing Machines, Table Top Curing System, UV Conveyor and UV Curing System.

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Features of A Powerful Interdeck UV System and UV Coating System

A powerful interdeck UV system is what any relevant industry needs for adequate UV curing. The Interdeck UV System incorporates a broad scope of UV covering connections on the offset press, UV relieving connection with balance squeezes, UV restoring machine for balance printing machines, UV coater connection with balance print machine, 3d UV relieving machineContinue reading “Features of A Powerful Interdeck UV System and UV Coating System”

Main Highlights of Anilox Coater Used in Hybrid Printing

Such is the present scenario that the engineering methods are ever-changing. The engineers want to decrease production time and increase the production rate. Some advanced technologies have come to the surface. They aim to become: Cost-effective. Achieve reasonable production rate, quality and production. In ink transfer technologies, every stage of printing is vital for anContinue reading “Main Highlights of Anilox Coater Used in Hybrid Printing”

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